Hotfix 5-12-20

  • Fixed an issue where the Cultist Awakening Snake Charmer could get stuck in nearby objects.
  • Lord Lycaon’s Shadow Bite can no longer teleport him into collidable objects.
  • Added a check to confirm that Monolith Watcher always has an exit portal created. 
  • Fixed an issue where eligible players were not receiving loot from Monolith Watcher kills.
  • Awakenings will now use the same HUD as dynamic spawn locations.

Hotfix 5-7-20


  • Fixed issue where players could gain more seasonal tokens and skulls then needed. Additionally, once players have earned enough tokens/skulls to claim the final reward the seasonal system will stop renewing tasks to complete.
  • Fixed issue where Sorcery was benefiting from increased magic damage effects.
  • League dyes of different types can no longer be stacked together.
  • Mage Robes can now be dyed.


Live Patch 5-1-20


Exclusive Season Rewards

  • A new Season System has been launched.  Players can complete generalized and themed tasks to earn seasonal currency that can be used to redeem rewards.
    • Rewards can be redeemed at 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 currency.
  • This season features “The Undead Horde” and has players seek out and slay various undead creatures within New Celador.
  • Earn “Tokens” by completing PVE oriented tasks and redeem a variety of treasures and a rare mount.
  • Earn “Skulls” by completing PVP oriented tasks, within a chaos zone, and redeem a variety of treasures and a rare mount.


Chaos Zones

  • Each month (season) a new area in New Celador will be designated as a Chaos Zone.  When players enter these zones their name will turn orange and they will not be punished for committing any criminal acts. This includes not gaining murder counts or losing stats if the player is already designated a murderer.
  • The Chaos Zone for this season is the Southern Hills Cemetery and the surrounding area.
    • Chaos Zones can be seen by opening up the region or world map.
    • Players will be given an audible and visual alert when they enter a chaos zone.
  • Grouped players can freely attack each other in a Chaos Zone. 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with garden plants not growing correctly in some instances.
  • Reduced the volume on the Citadel Studios intro cinematic.