Live Servers Patch Notes 3/27/20

  • The League of Explorers have sent one of their senior agents to investigate a strange energy that is collecting near the cemetery in Southern Hills. Seek out this agent and provide him aid in exchange for Echo Shards.

Experimental Server Patch Notes 3/27/20

New Dungeon: The Monolith

  • 3 Level Dungeon.
  • 5 Mini Bosses and 1 Final Boss.
    • All non-boss monsters in the Monolith have a chance to drop rare decorations and artifacts.
    • Each boss can drop unique loot as well as loot from a shared loot table.
    • Each monster in the Monolith has some specific loot that only they can drop.
    • Echo Schematics drop from various monsters and bosses in the Monolith and allow crafters, with enough skill, to craft artifact Echo Armor if they have resources.
  • Seek out the entrance to the Monolith in the Southern Hills Cemetery.

New Skills: Sorcery and Summoning 

Harness the power of the Echo Shard and use it to bring devastation to your foes.

  • Summon wisps that can be discharged to cast Sorcerer spells.
  • Wielding a sorcery weapon prevents the user from being healed by any outside (3rd party) source while under the effects of Sorcery.
  • Sorcerer Spells Include:
    • Summon: Chasers
      • Consumes 1 wisp to summon a Chasers to fight alongside you for 20 seconds. Only four foxes can be summoned at any given time.
    • Summon: Construct
      • Consumes 2 wisps to summon a Construct to fight alongside you for 40 seconds. Only 2 constructs can be summoned at any given time.
    • Affliction
      • Shoots a wisp at the target, stacking them with the debuff Affliction (maximum of 5 stacks). Afflicted targets will take increased Echo damage.
    • Echofall
      • Consumes a wisp to summon a ball of echo energy that falls at the targeted location dealing 25-50 Echo damage, based on your sorcery skill, within a 3 meter radius.
    • Echo Beam
      • Consumes a wisp and projects an echo beam in the direction you are facing dealing Echo damage. Enemies that stand in the beam take increased damage the longer they are in it. Your movement speed is greatly reduced.
    • Wisp Armor
      • Consumes a wisp and transforms it into a shield that absorbs 40 damage. A maximum of 4 shields can be summoned.
    • Consume Wisp (Orb only)
      • Absorbs a wisp into the caster granting them increased health regeneration for a short period.
    • Some effects are a work in progress and pending final deployment.