The Legends of Aria naming policy is in place as a guideline for appropriate player names in the game world. The naming policy applies to all characters, pets, items, labels, signs and any other user generated content in-game and on our websites.


Unless names and labels are blatant and disruptive, Citadel Studios staff tends to allow the player base to report names they find to be in violation our rules and guidelines. Should your name be found to violate our Rules of Conduct, you will be contacted and given a randomly generated name. If you are offline or unresponsive to a Game Master requesting a name or label change, in Game Staff may change your name without your express permission.


Should the name or label be extremely offensive, you will receive disciplinary actions against your account and multiple account naming violations will result in permanent account termination.


Here is a brief outline of our naming policy and what is considered a violation when it comes to names. Please keep in mind this list is a list of our general naming stance and is not limited to the information below. Citadel Studios reserves the right to change any name at any time for any reason.


1) Offensive names – This includes, but is not limited to, names based on racism, hate-speech, ethnically derogatory slurs, disdain for gender or sexual orientation, religious preference, and or anything else that could be overly offensive in nature. The best rule of thumb is, if your name or label targets any demographic with an insult, it’s probably going to result in disciplinary action against your account.


2) Gibberish – This includes strings of random characters, excessive capitalization changes, sequences of the same letters, and any other intentionally confusing or impossible to duplicate names. Best rule of thumb, if it’s unintelligible or meant to thwart targeting or reporting purposes, it will probably be changed and you may get an action against your account based on staff review. Furthermore, forcing numbers and foreign characters in to your name will result in a name change and possible disciplinary actions against your account for game anomaly exploitation.


3) Citadel Studios Staff – Intentionally using the name of Citadel Staff or Citadel Staff associates is a direct violation of our Rules of Conduct clause seven (7) below and will result in account disciplinary measures. Suffice to say, don’t try to represent Citadel, even in jest.


7) Staff Impersonation – Impersonating any Citadel Studios staff member, Customer Support Representative or associate of Citadel Studios is strictly forbidden.


4) Defamatory names – Creating a user name to defame another player, staff member, or guild is not acceptable. Additionally, should a name be created to defame a public figure or living person outside of the game world, Citadel Studios has the right to change that name for the reasons of defamation, based on our review. Another rule of thumb, if your name is created solely to defame another person, we will change it. Don’t be a drama queen.


5) Troublesome/Revered Historical Personalities – Please be mindful of other players when you choose any name that represents a historical figure. Obvious choices to avoid would be names like “Jesus” or “Hitler” as they resonate on deep emotional levels for different reasons across the human spectrum. While the name in question may seem benign or you may be a fan of that person; if enough players petition the name, we will consider changing the name should we find it to be disruptive, regardless of intent. Best rule of thumb here: Leave the real world and its figures behind while in Legends of Aria!


6) Copyrights and Trademarks – Names that our found violating third party copyrights and trademarks may be changed to protect the Legends of Aria service to avoid any copyright infringement issues in the future. Basically, don’t be a corporate t-shirt or pop-culture advertisement; you are more creative than that!


7) You Are Not Clever – Any attempt to bypass the naming policy and the naming filter with alternate spellings, homonyms, masked language, letter or word reversal, and/or any other cipher intent on bypassing the above policies will result in a name change and disciplinary action will be taken against the account.


8) Casual Name Changing – Citadel Studios is exploring options for the ability for users to change their names in the future. Until an option has been decided upon, we do not currently offer any name changing services unless the name violates one of our policies as determined by Citadel Studios staff. Please be careful when choosing your name as it is currently non-reversible!


Thank you for your cooperation with our naming policy and please understand you accept this policy when you accept the Terms and Conditions to play Legends of Aria. If you ever wish to dispute a name change made on your account by our staff, please email contact@citadelstudios.net with your dispute.