Housing questions

So I just pre ordered. Looks like I missed the Closed Beta. Will there be another testing phase before the early start?
I'm excited by the player owned housing and the ability to put a merchant there. Being at a disadvantage not having played the beta and not knowing where the good locations are will there be any in game mechanism to buy someone's house?


  • alingaling Santa Rosa
    One other question. Will guild leaders be able to allow their members to put items up for sale on their vendors? This would be a huge benefit since it would concentrate the items for sale on a smaller number of vendors and also give access to the best locations for vendors to everyone.
  • They have said there would be one final run of tests, but it has been delayed as certain issues are being ironed out. Hopefully testing is very soon.

    There is currently no system to friend people to a house yet. I believe they mentioned in a stream that they will have co-owners. I imagine you’ll want to be careful making people co-owners.

    Our guild has an organized, creative way of dealing with these issues at launch. I guess you should think outside the sandbox on how you’ll handle vendors and guild resources.
  • alingaling Santa Rosa
    If guild vendors isnt officially supported I guess we would have to do it manually by keeping track of whose item sold for how much. BTW, I see you are in the military. Have you heard of the Navy Federal Credit Union? They have the lowest mortgage rates on the planet but they are only available to the military. I need help from someone in the military to join. I would compensate you well. If you are interested email me at AndrewLing77@gmail.com
  • I’m sorry, I can’t help you get an account at Navy Fed. You can only sponsor family members.

    As far as guild vendors are concerned, since we can’t friend to houses, you may want to make some trusted guild officers co owners of the guild house, then each person manage “X” amount of vendors.
  • alingaling Santa Rosa
    ok thanks for the info!
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