plans for magic?

I heard that magic isnt really robust as some people feel it should be. Can anyone tell me what the plans are for magic?


  • I feel like magic is fine. There’s an ok amount of spells. I think overdoing it creates a host of spells nobody ever uses.
  • I am sure they are going to do updates when LOA is released in steam early access. More spells? I would bet at some point they will add more skills and more spells for mages. (Maybe an expan$ion?) I my self am a mage.... so I hope I have "allot" of spells.

  • What I’d rather see is more schools of magic. Holy (dmg), Necromancy, Dark DPS, Nature based, and maybe dedicated healing.

    Mage basically covers elemental type spells.

    I think these would make for more hybrid builds and really open up the various gameplay styles.
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