"Error occurred while trying to copy a file"

during installation process, a window appears saying "Error occurred while trying to copy a file: the source is corrupted."
next options are, abort, retry, and ignore. if I ignore the game starts with a pink screen. if I retry, then it just repeats itself.

Please help!!!


  • KadeKade Citadel Team Administrator
    I would suggest uninstalling and removing the downloaded installer, then re-download the installer and try again. Perhaps your downloaded file was corrupted. Hope this helps, please let me know thanks!
  • yeah that did not work :( it's during the extracting phase of the instalment that this happens.

    Another tech helper emailed a link to a different download, but that also did not work. :( My luck is horrible. I even tried with downloading and installing with my firewall and anti virus off.
    Also updated my OS and graphics driver :( . I'm afraid I'm out of options. I hope this will be fixed by steam launch, "I've been waiting for a game like you".
  • Did you try disk repair and a defrag?
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