Kingship system

I enjoy this game and I am pretty excited about it. This is just an idea that has been roaming my head as I begin to think about the game more.

It would be cool if players were allowed to become kings of regions. Now I know people are thinking that would require a ton of complex systems at play, but not necessarily. Let me explain how I would think it would happen.

Firstly for a player to become a king of a region they must
1.Not be a part of a guild. (Doesn't mean guild lobbying can't occur.)
2. Must own a house in the region. (Kind like be a citizen of the region.)
3.Pay a very large sum of gold to become a candidate. (To limit candidates and ensure only wealthy and powerful players can achieve kingship.)

Whats the duration of this status and what powers does a king have?

1.A king is active in his position for 5 months, with the 6th month always being an election month.

2. Once a month a king meets with the devs and suggest one change in their region which the devs can approve or disprove. For example. Expanding the unprotected or protected zones in their regions some. Increasing or decreasing your vendors sales taxes. Creating border fees or mine entrance fees with npc gaurds. Cap the price in which you can sell an item, or even ban certain items from being sold in the region...Ect.. things that wont break the game but definitely provide interesting dynamics and changes.

3. The King once a week can pronounce a player a "Criminal". Only players with bad Karma can be named "criminals". Criminals can be killed anywhere but can only be attacked by one person at a time. Criminals have the ability to hide their criminal status when in a city for up to 30 minutes every 2 hours. The longer the criminal is alive for the more gold their head is worth. For the criminal the more you stay alive the more notorious you become throughout Aria. The king once a week can also pardon a player's criminal status or bad karma.

4.Like joining religions players can become loyal subjects of the king by joining the kingship. Once a month the king can change the kingship tenets without the devs, as it can be minor things like the king may require you to also be a part of a religion or not, or the king can ban certain guilds from joining the kingship or the king might require you to not be in a guild at all. A benefit of being a part of the kingship can be discounts throughout the region.

5.War can be declared on other regions, but only players affiliated in the kingship can be attacked anywhere similar to how religion works. Players do not have to join the kingship even if they live in the region. Regions don't have to be at war with each other.

Now what if you don't like the king/queen and don't want to wait 5 months to see him or her gone.

Only once per term a rebellion can occur. How does this work.

1.For a player to start a rebellion they have to pay a very large sum of gold for the start up.

2. Have 4 other players join that also have to pay a large sum of gold for a "leader" position in the rebellion.

3.Rebellion players and Kingship players are officially at war and can attack each other anywhere.

4.For the king to be overthrown and Officially "assassinated" the king has to be killed within his own region and killed only by a leader of the rebellion.

And thus the cycle continues. Obviously this was more so just for fun and makes the politics in Aria very interesting.


  • It’s not the worst idea, but I’m not a fan.

    First, yes it would require a complex set of systems that would detract development time from features already planned.

    Second, it would be inconvenient to players who do not wish to be part of this system. The fact that players with houses could suddenly find the game not fun anymore due to another player having power over their game time.... not good.

    Next, no player should be able to charge others to use a mine, enter a dungeon, farm resources, live in an area, etc....

    If you want to be a king, then by all means join an RP server, find some followers, and convince them to call you “your majesty.” Heck, make a player run town. But don’t be surprised if you’re PKed every time you leave a guarded zone.
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    good points. But like religious factions in the game. Most players can avoid all of it, aside from the minor changes that devs can approve or disapprove if they deem it too drastic. (Like charging players money to live in an area would be unfun and too drastic, which is not something i even suggested. Or stop players from entering dungeons which is also ridiculous and i never mentioned. Charging players to enter mines i was thinking along the lines of 10 copper. you know something that doesn't annoy or ruin the game but something where you definatley feel that the game changes.

    And its not the role playing aspect thats cool about it. Its the world being changed more dynamically through what players do.
  • I think the freedom that the game allows player keeps it dynamic enough. I just personally feel that such a system doesn’t fit. There may be hundreds of other players that like it. I can’t speak for them.
  • I think your idea has "exploits" written all over it. It isn't even implemented yet and I already have 100 ideas on how to exploit it.

  • GrungeGrunge Mountains
    Maybe player owned town should be the best option for that :D
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