Demi-humans and Monster Races


Today I wanted to forward the idea of demihumans and monster races to the community and Legends of Aria staff team - all of the following text will be little more than a combination of ideas, thoughts, and potential systems for the aforementioned topics in question, and are intended to offer a glimpse into things that might spark interest in the dev team or in players who want to add in their two cents or show support/disinterest.

Now, to summarize, this post is a means of adding new races that aren’t the typical cut and dry human clones that some fantasy games tend to create. They’re intended to complement and pair alongside humans and whatever races the devs intend to add, be it the standard elves, dwarves, or just more human variations - or potentially even be baseplates for said races, if the world is a bit more racially tense and smoll people are looked down upon (in more ways than one, huee… Poor dwarves. I’m so sorry).

Personally, I’d like to see humans of different sorts added instead of standard dwarves/elves, but that’s just my opinion - for now, I want to cover all of the things that don’t fit standard fantasy niches, and potentially make a system that’d welcome them into Aria.

That being said - let's move forward.


The lands of aria are a diverse, wild place filled with countless variations of individuals, creatures, and monsters of all sorts: Be it hulking, brutish hobgoblins, simple, homely folk, or brazen adventurers and archmages, there is no lack of surprises to be found around every corner.

Naturally, humans aren't the only inhabitants of the land - whilst most ravenous, sadistic creatures that prowl the landscape that are set apart from simple beasts with simple needs are unintelligent or uniquely driven, there exist those whom are still very much sentient. Whilst not all of them are looked upon with warm eyes by the humans to dominate the landscape, a great deal of them still find their way into society and carve a path for themselves, regardless of inherent hardships.


Demihumans are varied, unique individuals that belong to races considered outlandish to humans, but not beyond the realm of being offered both empathy and some measure of restrained cooperation. Whilst they may be different in many ways, be it physically, culturally, or in regards to their desires - demihumans are a staple of society in their own rights - often using their unnatural heritage to specialize in and excel at tasks or skills in ways others cannot nearly so easily.

Demihumans aren’t inherently sadistic or monstrous, they’re simply different.

Mechanical Attributes:

1. Demihumans have one or a few unique passives and racial effects that separate them from the average human, be it unique abilities to utilize in the world around them, or certain advantages or disadvantages at performing certain tasks. The bonuses are often slight, and come with their merits and disadvantages.

Example/Tl;dr: A race native to the forests may have anything from something bland to a bonus like increased HP to tamed animals, or something more niche, like a dryad having the ability to summon a small assortment of very low level animals for a brief period of time to aid in a fight. In the case of having a more potent ability, there may be debuffs associated with the race: For example, the dryad mentioned may be particularly vulnerable to fire in ways that cause certain skills, abilities, or situations to be far more dangerous to them.

2. Often the subject of mistrust, Demihumans have naturally questionable relations with most individuals, though it by no measure prevents them from interacting with others and proving themselves to be just like any other person, capable of forging their own relations and image. Demihumans naturally incur less penalties to other players who perform immoral or illegal acts against them, and gain notoriety quicker when breaking laws or causing mischief themselves.

Example/Tl;dr: A demihuman caught thieving or breaking the law will lose karma much quicker than a human would. Additionally, players lose less karma killing or performing illegal/questionable deeds against demihumans from npcs.

Demihuman Example:


Elegant, poised, and eerily beautiful - these unnatural, vice-obsessed creatures have long since called humanity an aid to their whims and provided mutual profit. Initially a wild, savage race hailing from the wilderness, their natural affinity with the wilds and her children made them amicable tutors to the races seeking to tame nature’s fury for themselves. Ironic as it may be, many a human have found themselves tamed by the very creatures they sought aid from - women as they may be, and aid as they might with the breaking and bonding of wolves and bears - it would be an error to consider the Nymphs anything but harmless, less they claim and tame you as their companions.

[Myriad Beauty] Whilst beauty is relative and varied among your sisters and brothers, the other races of Aria more often than not find you remarkably attractive. You receive better prices when pedaling loot to merchants.

[Trickster’s Gambit] Beauty and grace have their limits: A naturally deceitful track record associated with your stunning kinfolk cause others to be inherently distrustful and judgemental of wrongdoings. Others gain a moderate advantage to spotting your attempts to stay hidden whilst around them.

[Favor of the Mother] Nature cherishes all of her children, regardless of how merciless and wild she may sometimes be. Wild animals may (40-35% chance, or once per few hours maybe?) occasionally spare the player (lowering them to 5% hp) when they ordinarily would have dealt a killing blow, targeting other nearby hostile players instead, or becoming docile if there are none. Hostile wild animals have a decreased aggro range.


  • EyoniaEyonia United States
    Monster Races

    Creature, beast, and lesser being: There are many different things monsters are called, and even the sentient and crafty among them are not free from such negative judgements. The hateful and distrusting gazes of others are not without founding, however, as monstrous creatures are appropriately named for their sadism, bestial natures, twisted ideologies (or lack thereof), or outright drive to harm, manipulate, or take advantage of others. There are all sorts of drives that fuel each and every monster, but within the drones of mindless and simple creatures lay those of surprising, capable intellect: From fanged, monstrous bat-like humanoids, feverish, angry ghosts, to bipedal arachnids with a taste for inflicting pain - there are no end to the amount of creatures (however intriguing - or horrifying) that one can find the harder they look.

    Monster races are shunned by most of society, and for good reason: Their head in a sack is grounds for a good night's rest for the local village, and a lot more than a few coppers for the trouble. Hated as they might be, however, they are not without their own intentions - their own aspirations, and their own plans - and from the tortured to those who revel in their wild natures, monstrous races still play a large role in Aria, be they the monsters in your dreams, or the reality of conjured demons and cults orchestrating the threats that plague the land daily.

    Mechanical Attributes:
    1. Monster Races are incredibly hated by most of the more ‘civilized’ peoples, and due to such, even those who have less nefarious intentions than some of their more megalomaniacal or sadistic cousins are considered pests to be put down. Monsters are hostile by default to other races other than those known to work alongside them, and their karma system functions instead for their small, poorly constructed racial outposts dotted across the landscape, which are guarded and run by NPCs in similar fashion to human players. Monsters do not have safe zones, and must orchestrate and maintain their own defenses outside of small protected camps that function like player cities.

    Example/Tl;dr: A player playing a monstrous character may get attacked while collecting wood, even in traditional safe zones, and must plan out their journeys between small, safe camps and organize their defenses themselves.

    2. There is no penalty for killing a monstrous racial character unless you are of their race, meaning humans and demihumans (And conflicting monstrous humanoids) can kill them without fear of reprimand to their karma status. Monster races can be killed like other players, and drop their head or a keepsake (Perhaps ears for goblins, perhaps heads for ogres, perhaps tongues for demons - you decide) that can be turned into towns for greater rewards based on the level/notoriety of the creature killed, just like killing normal monsters.

    Example/Tl;dr: A leveling player can choose to engage a goblin in the forest without penalty, killing them, looting their body, and then returning to town to cash in the ear they received off of their corpse for an extra chunk of coin.

    3. Monster races gain notoriety as/if they kill other races, they steal or loot (and get caught), and/or are caught trespassing in town regardless if they were provoked first by another player or misstepped. A bounty will be placed on them of increasing value, promoting organized raids and attacks to claim powerful or high-value targets and organizations that form in the monster community.

    Example/Tl;dr: A goblin who kills several warriors who attack him whilst he’s harvesting materials in the wilderness may be hunted down by a proper bounty hunter or higher level player, as the reward on his head will gather attention and either force him out of the area, or face a proper foe.

    4. Monster races, in true theme of being like a D&D creature, have significant bonuses and debuffs, often manifested in both large strengths and weaknesses, forcing players hunting them (not unlike monster hunters from many standard genres) to keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind, or risk getting defeated.

    Example/Tldr: A lich may have a remarkable weakness to radiant damage after transforming themselves and abandoning their humanity: Their large arsenal of hard hitting spells and resistances to normal weaponry could easily prove the undoing of their opponents if a valid strategy isn’t constructed to defeat them, such as bringing religious warriors along, or finding a way to inflict certain damage types to them using weapons they aren’t resistant to, such as maces.

    Monster Race Example:


    Industrious, quick witted, and perhaps cowardly, goblins are mischievous creatures that are well known for their greedy, self-serving interests and philosophies, be it in their culture and hierarchy or their simple, instinctual behavior. Whilst not necessarily formidable in their own right, goblins are quick to ally with one another and overpower their enemies for the sake of splitting whatever loot may so fondly cross their gaze - be it pried from the dead hands of a poorly equipped adventurer, or stolen from the home of a knight that would surely cut them in two at the slightest mistake.

    [Swarm Tactics] Goblinoids are notoriously cooperative when in pursuit of treasure, and as such, work better with more arms and muscle to power their insatiable lusts. Every unique player goblin within a short range of one another receive a bonus to inflicted damage (1% per aura) when attacking the same target, stacking up to five times.

    [Devious Retreat] When faced with death or losing their precious haul, it’s easy for a goblin to seek the most profitable venture: Escape. However honorless, remaining pacifistic or not striking another target for 5 seconds straight will increase movement speed by 20% until an attack is launched against an opponent.

    [Sticky Fingers] Quick thinking isn’t enough to make a profit - quick fingers and a good grip go a long way in ensuring that what you steal will remain in your possession, and you won’t get stopped claiming your prize. You drop less currency on death, and your gain a bonus to thieving attempts.

    [Limited Potential]Whilst plentiful of taught muscle and sharp wit, goblinoids are incapable of the finer arts and the will required for wizardry and spellcasting, and face the unfortunate reality of having weaker frames. All magical skill progression moves 100% slower, and goblins receive a penalty to all stats, making them slightly weaker individually in direct combat than most players.


    A system where there are the default, vanilla races (humans and w/e is added), demihumans which have slight roleplay advantages and disadvantages that may make game life easier, and monsters, which are just a step forward away from banditry, and allow for a total, specialized play style specific to both the race and to a more predatory, lone wolf (or lone clan) lifestyle.

    Personally, I'd like to see some monster races be things you either A.) Turn into, or B.) Play for a unique twist on the game and how you go about playing it or your class. Examples, would be liches (after necromancy progression), wights, vampires, lesser demons (succubi for example, or things that aren't spooky and big like some of the things seen ingame).

    For demihumans, I'm really into seeing dryads/nymphs, maybe an elf race (but pls, only one or so, we don't need 80, like every other mmo), goliath-like people inspired from D&D, gross gnomes, that sort of thing.
  • EyoniaEyonia United States
    edited October 5
    Wew, that was a big post. Sorry for segmenting it, I just didn't have enough space. The only thing I have to add for now, until any comments are potentially popped up, is that I really want demihuman and other races on a base level to be interesting and unique but not too over the top or too combat focused. I'd rather keep that for monsters, which will be the step further in the direction of total mayhem that some bandit players are probably craving rn. Having certain demihumans in your party to provide slice of life or utility benefits would be amazing, without going as far as the monsters which I'd see as more of a means to embrace a more sedimentary lifestyle.

    If you have an idea about this post, such as potential races or cool abilities - Please post down below. If you have criticisms that are constructive, also pop em here. I'm no genie, so this is all just a lot of collected thoughts I've been having for a few days now that I finally wrote down in about three hours.
  • GearmindGearmind
    I absolutely love this idea! having stuff like cat girls, wolf men, and fey would be awesome. Even the idea of playing as inhuman monster characters sounds brilliant. i personally would love to play a game like this as a sentient slime or undead wight or even a skeletal necromancer would this really liven the world dynamic immensely!
  • XxTreyxXXxTreyxX United States Illinois
    Very great ideas and presentation +1
  • I think if they did something like this, it would likely be an expansion pack. The core game will still be in design even after Early Access launch. I could see additional races being part of an expansion though.
  • EyoniaEyonia United States
    I'm totally up for it being an expansion - perhaps a shard where they exist becomes overpopulated, and they start seeping/traveling into new shards.
  • GrungeGrunge Mountains
    Very nice ideas! But Idk if adding passive skills like that is good for the game. Maybe just for cosmetic/rp reasons?
    I would love to play as a dragonborn (half-dragon), but if you deep into passive skills, they should be OP as hell lol
  • CS mentioned that they are not planning races other than human. One reason had to do with armor. But, you never know. This kind of game is always changing. And if you really want something like that, it could always be done on a community server.
  • Teufel said:

    CS mentioned that they are not planning races other than human. One reason had to do with armor. But, you never know. This kind of game is always changing. And if you really want something like that, it could always be done on a community server.

    I can see that. You’d have to create a new model for every gear piece for each race. That’s a lot of additional work.
  • GrungeGrunge Mountains
    You can re-use human models for demi-human races tho.
    Like elves, half-elves, half-orcs, etc
  • Yeah, but I’m almost every game they are various sizes.
  • GrungeGrunge Mountains
    This can be the same, I dont see a problem. Maybe the helmets can be a problem, but if they keep sizes the same, thats fine!
  • EyoniaEyonia United States
    The idea around demi-humans is that they take minimal model changes, and are effectively human in nature with the tiniest of differences. Their effects and passives are meant to not give too much of an impact to the underlying game or skills (So dragonborn would -not- be demihumans if they were like in D&D, because that'd be too strong).

    Demihumans are meant to be a super easy way to add almost identically human races that are easy to add and add flavor to the game.

    Monsters on the other hand, I see being something that would be better for community servers OR for large expansions, aka, let's say they want to expand on necromancy - they could make lich as a monster race that you can become, and add further progression and end-game material for specific characters.
  • EyoniaEyonia United States
    Armor wouldn't be much of an issue for demi-humans, tl;dr. Ideally I'd want to keep the cat ears and tails to an absolute minimum - I'm thinking of things more like elves, fey/dryad, wolfmen that are humans basically but with more body hair and claws etc, just little tiny changes.
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