Interacting with objects???

You can buy things on vendor tables right, how???


  • By clicking on it.
  • TeufelTeufel Aria
    edited October 4
    Yep, right click on the item and select "buy". A confirm button will pop up with the price and you click it. To get info, you can usually just hover over the item.
  • Hmmm, I will try again...
  • I'm talking official server, which is dark right now. Community servers may have modded it differently, but in general, that's how it is done.
  • This is highly dependent on circumstances. On official servers (which aren’t up) that’s how you can buy an object on a table. On a mod/private server, there could be different rules. Admins on a given server may have objects out for decor and nothing more. If you are trying now, then you must be playing a mod server. I would refer you to check that forum, and be server specific, or visit their community site or discord.
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