FOUND a major ISSUE and a SOLUTION regarding Crash and screen freez

zachiezachie Inside your computer

Few days ago i found out why most people couldn't create or play on an official server.
they could see the server and pinged but couldn't create a character, the reason was some internet providers (MEGACABLE) down here in mexico block some of the in game ports!

there-for when you switch to different provider (TELMEX) the issue was fixed, and you could create a character and play.

also i found out that the clusters or regions in the map also use a same or different port to download textures, and for the same reason above the textures cant load there-for the screen freezes, and for some crashes.

if the ports could be some standard port as every other game e.g Word of worcraft. we would have less people crying regards to the crashes and not be able to play.

thank you,
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