Technical issue with diagnostics!

zachiezachie Inside your computer
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i'm a programmer / computer technician.

i found a port issue within the game.

as far as i know here in mexico with the providers of "Megacable" that they give you a modem with built in router locked.

if you playing with this modems you CAN connect to a official server, but you wont be able to create a character. because im thinking creating character uses a different port mapping.

because i did the test with over 6 "Megacable" modems reset to default, none of them could create a character.

but when i used/ tested a different provider "TELMEX" and i had no problem connecting and creating characters.

as im thinking if you could change your port mappings in game it will bring more people to play with no issues.

unless they go in the modem and know how to open a DMZ option within the modem.
***edit**** DMZ wont work it has nothing to to from consumer end its from provider end that block ports.

this issue is only for the official server there is no issue for unofficial servers.

Thank you,
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