Weather effects, fortunately they did something about the login/"tunnel forever"- problem and I get access again. thx for that devs.

When I logged in it was raining in Eldeir. For hours and hours (IG time). It´s a nice effect regarding immersion, but tbh you hope it´ll be over soon. Especially at nights it makes the sight difficult. But even worse... as I was traveling all gates and areas... to my was raining everywhwere (even in Oasis). So you can´t escape.

Suggestion: Make rain/weather effects local and short-term events.

*tries to find an umbrella*



  • if would be fine if weather affect the game in some way (line of sight, slower speed on mud, illusions during sandstorm (lol)…
  • The weather affects are client side. Log out and back in and poof, sunny again. lol.
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