Patch Notes 07/19/2018

ZenrothZenroth Citadel Team Administrator
These are now live on official:

-Fixed attempting to craft a packed item resulting in a 100% failure rate.
-Spider silk drops fixed.
-Move Focus ability from Magic Affinity back to Channeling in the skills book.
-Horses no longer teleport behind you, if you login while mounted and then dismount.
-If a resource is not valid when a player finishes harvesting it, they will no longer be stuck in a harvesting state, and unable to harvest new things.
-Made "Cannot harvest now" statement to appear in middle of screen.
-Fixed characters being able to start with greater than 80 skill during character creation.


  • Haven't seen a single spider silk drop at all on hunter/tress or vile, either the broken silk or the proper kind.
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