Invalid Email or User ID


just bought the Game today and after the server login Probs i thought i could finally start. But when im on Login Screen he tells me "Invalid Email Adress or User ID. Please enter the email address or user id you have used to register your Legends of Aria account. If Problems persists..."

Its the same email-adress i used to made my account.

Anyone any idea?


  • I'm in the same boat. I bought the game this morning.

    I really wanted to play on my day off but its not looking like thats gonna happen.
  • Mat2kMat2k
    Yeah, anyone able to help?
  • Any news ?
  • BessyBessy Sweden
    Same here :/
  • RoDRoD Spain
    same here plz update
  • I've been playing since Closed Beta 1, and I'm having this issue. I started the client this morning and my username was cleared (box still checked) I put my UN/PW in and got this error, yet my UN/PW works on the website. I have no idea what I should do at this point.
  • try shooting an email to as well guys.
  • RoDRoD Spain

    try shooting an email to as well guys.

    already did it
  • GeigerINCGeigerINC Germany
    Same here, cannot login or use the forgot Password Options. It Always says login failed.
  • GeigerINCGeigerINC Germany
    Works now
  • Use the UserID from your dashboard. Right above your access code.
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