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So as we all know, at the time of this posts creation LoA uses a system in which large portions of the map are 'Protected' meaning that if you do anything illegal you are instantly punished by a 5000 damage lightning bolt, and honestly this system just seems lazy, unrealistic and boring. Instead I propose NPC guard based safe-zones.

How does it work?
1) If you have committed a crime you are flagged as a criminal for 5 minutes, guards will kill you on sight.
2) If your karma is too low, guards will kill you on sight.
3) If a player sees a criminal inside a guard-zone he can target them and use /guards to alert the guards to his location.
4) Guards are extremely strong.
5) Guards have a high re-spawn rate.
6) Starter cities have a lot of guards

What will it change?
1) Cut down down the size of safe-zones to areas that are important to have protected, if we take The City of Valus for an example, everything inside the city would be a guard-zone, the sewers would be a guard-zone, the small graveyard would be a guard-zone, the large graveyard would not be a guard-zone, and the all the miles of wilderness that are currently protected would not be a guard-zone.
2) Easier to find PvP (See issues 1)

1)Ganking new players. Something all PvP games have to deal with is the fact that some more experienced players prey on noobs. *However, everything the noobs need to learn the basics will be protected by guards, giving them a chance to learn to play before they venture out, it's not as if a player is going to spawn in just to be killed repeatedly like some people make it out to be also, preying on new players would not be beneficial, firstly you would no-longer be able to enter towns, since your karma will be too low, which is an inconvenience. Secondly, you have nothing to gain, an experienced player will not want the loot of a new player. But nonetheless there will still be people that do it, but there will also be people seeking out these criminal players so that they can also kill, but without punishment and that will create conflict and conflict= fun and purpose.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree and why.


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    You propose 2 different things:
    a) changing instakill for powerful guards.
    b) reducing safe areas greatly.

    I disagree with both.
    a) I agree it's unrealistic, but it was needed. If devs find it unnecessary at a given point and revert it ok.
    b) That would mean you can't take a step outside the city (let's say to reach your own house nearby) without risking been killed, so there would not be state security but where the rich elite npcs live... an awful place to live. Those not interested in full time pvp will leave the game after a while.
  • Keep in mind that players will be able to create their own servers, ans you will be able to have 'hard core' rules at that time.
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