For people that are having performance issues.

Dont play the game using fullscreen.



  • I cannot agree with you. For me the game runs better fullscreen and the cpu stays cooler by at least 6C (I play on a laptop btw).
  • there is not enough graphic options in the game - one thing that causes the most lag is BLOOM - give an option to turn off BLOOM plsss!!!!
  • No difference for me, to the point where I can’t even play the game anymore
  • I realized yesterday that my laptop (for some stupid as* reason) goes down in CPU when it's charging aka. plugged in. Which suddenly makes the game lagg so much it is unplayable.
    Tried to change the settings to not to this, without success.

    Still even unplugged there is this annoying delay and lag which is bearable as long as OP mentioned. I not only have window mode, but make the window quite small.

    And this lagg is only true for this game. Spoken to several people about this and all say that LoA in comparison to many other games (which even required much more ram, and graphic) is very unoptimized. Whatever that means.
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