Game client performance and future optimization

So I bought this game a few months ago but didn't have time to play it. So I waited for CB2 to roll out before trying it again. The new art is great but the performance hit is significant. My machine isn't the best but I can still play just about every game that I could ever want without issues. (GTX 770, i7 920, 16gb ram) My question is, do the developers plan to invest significant resources into optimization? I know, I know, "it's a beta", but I would still like to know because optimization is something that should occur from day one ideally. Since otherwise I may have to request a refund like I did with Kingdom Come: Deliverance where it ran well enough during alpha but when it neared release the beta versions ran like garbage for me to the point where I couldn't even enjoy the game.

I mean let's be realistic here, the game looks quite good, especially now after the launch of CB2 (minus the grass, it is super bright for me at least) but it isn't exactly pushing the boundaries of rendering. So it has to be something on the CPU side that is bottle necking the game and while my CPU is very old at this point, it is still fully capable and I'm using my PC as a workstation to boot without any issues.


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Always keep in mind the restrictions of engine in indie games. They will surely do optimizations, but Unity has its limits.
  • Does optimization in this context mean that you can run the game on a laptop?
    'Cuz it's awfully laggy and delayed even with a strong laptop.
  • Yes, the client will be optimized as much as possible as will communication between the server and the client.
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