As the title reads, spent my first 30 minutes after installed moving around glitching into terrain constantly just using the right click and hold method. Also feels super choppy as the new tree textures block the click from hitting the ground beneath the limb of the tree, stopping your character dead. Don't think I'll be stopping back for any more "Closed Beta 2". Cya next round.


  • To be fair it is Beta and you only gave it 30 minutes.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
    Sometimes i wonder if people know what a beta is - if you install a beta game, you are to exspect a game that is not running as intented, hench its in beta.

  • RaizjielRaizjiel Canada
    I know what a beta is. I have logged hundreds of hours into the previous alpha/beta tests. When you see a dev team taking steps back each new phase of testing it's concerning. Movement was fine all previoys rounds. Now game is unplayable. Thanks for jumping to assumptions though.
  • In earlier beta phases I didn't see this, so it might be just the most recent patches.
  • Before you bail, I suggest posting your PC specs in the beta/technical forum for the dev team. If it's a compatibility concern with the graphics update they may want to know about it.
  • dbrinkmann@citadelstudios.netdbrinkmann@citadelstudios.net United States Administrator
    This is the first report of any of the problems you are describing. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • dbrinkmann@citadelstudios.netdbrinkmann@citadelstudios.net United States Administrator
    We are aware of some missing collision in some of the towns if that's what you mean by "glitching into terrain" and we are working on it.
  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    The graveyard in eldeir is doing this. I'll send a picture in a minute to ya.
  • RaizjielRaizjiel Canada
    Seems like regular movement is causing me to fall into terrain in random locations. Almost like the server is delayed in updating my character location. The tree limbs blocking movement with the mouse is completely new to this beta for me.
  • They may call it closed beta, but from a functionality standpoint it seems to still be in pre-alpha. The UI is horrible, the animations are so clunky that it makes 1997 UO look better, and the gameplay is shallow and boring. It's just baffling that a game that has been in development for so long has so many fundamental problems. The worst part is, these are foundation problems that most likely can't and won't be fixed without a major code/engine overhaul.
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