Builds Builds and Builds

If you are new or have been playing and you need help understanding how builds work here and what is a good build please find me on discord Murda INC and I will gladly help everyone with the right builds to play that the elites play.


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    Hahahahaha You're gonna need a server with more than 10 PvP'ers before you start lobbing terms like "elite". And punctuation man, English ain't my first language and even I know to fling a few commas in there for credibility, especially when making plumped up, "elite" claims.

    Other than that, I highly recommend this guy. Unquestionably one of the top 10 PvP'ers on here.
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    This whole forum is kind of in need of a grammar and writing crash course. And I am not referring to users from non-English speaking countries: I even saw patch notes in which "shouldn't of" was used in the place of "shouldn't've" or "shouldn't have". Double contractions people, double contractions.
  • DominusDominus I always start my day with a Special K, for breakfast.
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    @Zxcv just for clarity, I was joking. The dude can type however he wants as long as we can understand him, and we can understand. (you'dn't've taken any serious grammar complaints up with E. E. Cummings or Hemingway)
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    How could I have been so blind? Now I see how every comment here is a pure work of poetry.
  • lol so offering new players real solid info on builds is bad damn you guys really are trash and horrible people. I do not see anyone else offering help also I do not see anyone else who tinkers as much as we do so stop being haters and start helping new players
  • damn man life is sad now with people like this gotta try troll anything and everything you guys really are sad and not all of you guys. you know who I am talking to
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    Let's keep the poetry free of name calling please.
  • Maybe there should be a seperate thread in forums for people to post their build, (note the comma) or theory crafted build, for people to critique. (or most likely ridicule)
    I just purchased the game, and even a new gaming laptop for it, since my old paperweight of a laptop wont run this. So was hoping to see some builds to compair my theory crafted ones to.
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