Patch Notes 6/19/2018

ZenrothZenroth Citadel Team Administrator
Live will go down at 9:00pm EDT time briefly for a quick update, and return with the following:

Loot & Spawns:
-Mobs should drop level I books again.
-Gold drops corrected on some Corruption monsters.
-Death now holds his Scythe.
-Death’s Scythe now has the correct properties.
-Lesser and Mana potions now restore the correct amount of mana.
-Removal of Beholder and Rebel boss spawns that shouldn’t of been spawning.
-Settled down some villagers that may have been fighting amongst themselves a bit to often.
-Adjusted snake & sand snake damages.

-Player can now fire arrows over wooden fences.
-Dead players and magical guides can no longer activate pressure plates
-Player no longer not get stuck in chairs or beds by entering combat mode while sitting or lying down.
-Items in sale in a locked down container gets removed from sale when the container is no longer locked down.
-Additional safeguards against players being hit for infinite damage.

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