I've been aching for an MMO like Ultima Online since I was 8 years old

KingWolbyKingWolby Wolbin Kingdom, Arkansas; USA
I started playing UO at a very young age and fell in complete love with it. I am beyond excited to play this game.

How long has it been in development? (How much of the community have I missed out on?!) <3


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Think it's been about 5 years in total?
    Kickstarter started in november 2014.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado

    We are anticipating a final wipe next month (assuming schedule holds up). There is supposed to be more information coming out soon. So, buy in now so you can take part!

    There is also a free week going on, you can preview with that.
  • DominusDominus I always start my day with a Special K, for breakfast.
    It'll scratch the UO itch, and if it doesn't one of the community servers will. You haven't missed much at all.. some would argue you're starting at the perfect time.
  • KingWolbyKingWolby Wolbin Kingdom, Arkansas; USA
    Glad to hear, y'all. Thanks for the warm welcome. I heard about the Wipe and I was kind of excited. Looks like I get to no-life this until I figure it out. <3
  • Welcome KingWolby!
  • iSeven07iSeven07 Indiana, USA
    After one of my friends told me about this a couple days ago, I'm beyond excited and instantly bought a founders pack. I'm also someone that started playing around a young age. (I believe I started when I was 12/13 and remember lying that I was 18 so I could get into guilds.) To this day nothing has satisfied or replaced or replaced the feelings I had when playing Ultima Online.
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