Servers coming down, 3:30 EDT (8:30 PM UTC), back almost immediately

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
- Various server performance improvements.
- Animal AI has been tweaked as part of those server improvements, so be on the lookout for anything freaky.

There was something pretty big we had hoped to get in today, but alas, Jeffrey can do new systems OR he can fix the critical bugs you report, but not both ;)

The two things we've pushed off until next week both require a new client build, so be prepared to download that next week.

Anyone want to guess what Jeffrey is working on? I'll send the first correct guesser our PAX swag, which is going to be the prize until I run out of it...


  • Bard stuff I bet
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    A new Aria place? :smile:
  • edited May 10
    Snooping and Stealing?

    Or is it new loot tables? (Do we get to guess twice?)
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    Feel free to keep guessing. :)
  • Tracking + craft tweak + world map improvement
  • Dyes?

    New mounts?

    how many shots do we have at this? lol
  • Magic armor and or weapons?
  • Merchant craft orders?

    New player experience?
  • New kinds of potions?

    Recalling to our houses?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Better Client performance?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Blightwood crafting?
    Fixing Silk Crafting?
    Putting back fabrication furniture crafting?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Finalize the abilities books (esp. the missing ones)?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Finish the catacombs?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Ability to relocate and/or rotate a house?
    increase the limit of locked down items for the houses?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Introduction of factions?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    edited May 10
    New areas in Celador (The Outlands, Frozen Tundra)?
  • Things on stuff? (covers it all, and is bound to get picked)
  • I'm gonna go with New GUI or HUD
  • or Loot Tables update
  • edited May 11
    Allowing looted armor and weapons to be reduced to raw materials by crafters?
  • Bringing back rogue prestige abilities?
  • Boats?
  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    You guys took ALL my guesses :wink:
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    secure players traiding
  • Game name change from "Legend of Aria" in "Legend of Sanya"
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    A central marketplace?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    edited May 11
    New ruleset for player karma wrt areas protections?
  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    An IRL baby? :smiley:
  • sugrin take a life omg lol
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