Patch Notes, 4/27/2018

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
Server is coming down at 4 PM EDT, and when it returns:

We now prevent players from issuing commands to pets they do not own
A banker is now always necessary for opening a bank box
Accuracy corrected on piercing weapons
Monsters now have a minimum miss rate
Torch double hit bug has been addressed
Bard escorts no longer leave permanent portals
Added command /resethotbar.

About that last note: If you are having problems with your hotbars not saving, please use this command. You will need to log out and back in after using the command for it to fully take effect. Your hotbar will be completely wiped, and you'll need to set it up again from scratch. Please let us know if this works and you stop having hotbar problems.

Not technically a patch note, but in case you hadn't notice, the server now resets every 24 hours. We continue to work on server optimization, and another major pass on that is incoming.


And speaking of the future, I just got an eyeful of all these wonderful new crafting objects, and an earful of Jeffrey working on the loot tables. Not sure when that patch will go, but my guess is within a few weeks. Stay tuned as I get more information.


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    +1 :smile:
  • "Accuracy corrected on piercing weapons"

    My rogue thanks you wholeheartedly!
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    Note: The "torch bug" is actually a cluster of problems. We've addressed it but we're already working on another swipe at it. Just FYI.
  • @Sanya Thank you for the update!
  • ForungiForungi Lumberwoods
    Very nice.
  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    edited April 28
    Any word or confirmation about casting mobs doing insane damage? I'm tired of getting 2-shot nuked by imps at corruption dungeon entrance. I believe Miphon said it's an issue related to damage done by bosses. Seems like it could be toned down/removed from non-boss mobs.
    I just wanted to see if CS is aware of it and if it's on the radar for fixing?

  • edited April 28
    Raise your wisdom waygone

  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    Wisdom is at 20. Not sure how much it affects overall damage, but I will raise it some to test.
    I mean the entrance to the dungeon sometimes looks like Freddy Kruger's basement (bloody corpses everywhere). Don't know if you've been down there to test it.? I will test and let everyone know.
  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    edited April 30
    Tested at 30 wisdom and that's as far as I'm going to take it since after 30 apparently returns are diminished. All in all, the results were marginally better with 30 compared to the 20 I had earlier. It still seems like mob magic damage is ridiculous compared to mobs melee damage. If you have 2 mobs for instance, you can maintain heals fairly easy w/o moving. With 2 casting mobs on you, be prepared to kite like a mofo to try to lose los. 2 of the delays casted explosion spells with 30 wisdom will still KILL you instantly. And, those spells are casted by entry level mobs in corruption dungeon called imps. I'm not talking about boss mobs or lower level dungeon mobs(they currently cast them as well). These spells are fine, just shouldn't be available to mobs at the dungeon entrance.
    Just my thoughts
  • edited May 1
    Great to consistently hear about new updates. Keep up the good work, guys and girls!
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