Server down (8:30 PM EDT 4/20/18)(restored from back up, 9:30 EDT 4/20/18)

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
edited April 21 in Straight from the Citadel
Hey, everyone - so sorry, something's gone wrong with our server. It's not on our end; we're waiting to hear from the host. We'll have something up for you within the hour. I don't know yet if that'll be a restore from backup (about five hours ago) or picking up where we left off. Stay tuned.


  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    Okay, we're bringing up the backup server. You're going to lose four hours, for which I am truly sorry - but we just didn't want to stay down for potentially even more hours during precious weekend play time.

  • SugrinSugrin Paris, France
    Sanya, still haven't paid your bills? :-P
    Server down again :-(
  • Maybe it is a new patch? They said there would be small but frequent patches from now on. Maybe that is why the server is down.
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