Keep getting kicked out of game

Just bought the game and I got disconnected from server after about 3 minutes, I instantly logged back in and got kicked again after about 30 seconds, now I can't stay logged in longer than about 10 seconds without getting kicked. About 5 disconnects so far and I gave up. Is this a known issue right now or is it a bad install?


  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    Sounds to me like it may be firewall related. Might want to disable and check them. If not, try re-installing. Also, do you have packet loss with your internet connection? Seems this game is unfavorable to connections with packet loss. Hope it works out
  • Same here, getting kicked all the time. No idea why, sucks hard. Feel to old for this kind of shit.
  • edited June 12
    Yep, same deal. And massive lag. Are these still common problems?

    Turned off firewall too.
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