November Roundtable Rescheduled for November 26th

Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator

We will be moving today's Community Roundtable to next Sunday. Due to unforeseen difficulties over the weekend we've decided to take the time to do a full roundtable next week as we have a lot to cover!

We're excited for you to join us as we have many developments to share with you, including an updated Development Roadmap as Legends of Aria heads towards Beta.

Thanks for your support and we'll see you soon!


  • This makes me sad, as I just backed a week ago and was looking forward to getting more info for the future. I'm sure the delay is for good reason, and I look forward to next Sunday and seeing where LoA is headed. Until then, Legends of Ultima server will keep me occupied :smiley:
  • Can you guys at least let us know when an official server will be out? Don't want to be @ the whim of a random person :pensive:
  • MoriensMoriens Australia
    when you wake up at 04:00 Aussie time to watch but its moved.Oh well back to bed. Next time CS
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn
    The roundtable is where they were going to officially announce the roadmap, so you're safe to ignore anything random people say until next week :P
  • MassimilianoMassimiliano - Server Italiano
    sad xD
  • MoriensMoriens Australia

    sad xD

    We all are, because we are excited fans :smiley:
  • edited November 27
    very good teasers with a well, laid out road map
  • 007007 Russia Moscow
    any good news ?
  • Good news is the devs are still alive and the game will launch on steam sometime middle of next year.
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