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Hello everyone! We have noticed an amazing amount of interest with the beginning of our community server and we wanted to provide some details about it.

Please note that we are still under heavy development and you should expect some things to be broken until we're able to resolve. Some unplanned server restarts may occur occasionally, but we do our best to avoid downtime.

If you're interested in playing or helping with testing, we'd love to see you and gather your feedback. We would encourage you to join our Discord server (link below)!

If you need help with getting connected to us, please reach out in Discord (link below) and someone from the community will be happy to help.

What to expect:
- Hosted in Central US
- A world heavily inspired by Ultima Online
- Custom items, skills and creatures
- Open PVP, Full Loot with Guarded Zones
- RP Friendly, but not required
- Official map with possibility of custom UO map in future

How to connect:



Bug Reports, Suggestions and General Feedback:


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! - Shout out to Gizmo and DarkLotus for their contributions! Thank you!


  • Sweet, shaping up to be the UO 2 we wanted.
  • 100% agreed, Neekoos!
  • Very excited!
  • L-O-V-E I-T
  • LoULoU Legends of Ultima
    We're having fun and getting a lot of useful feedback. Thanks everyone :)
  • I’m pumped. My best regards to those play testing currently. I know you guys will help make an awesome shard
  • ZakeOrionZakeOrion Missouri, USA
    I just found this game to late for the final alpha:( but this shard is the best one I've tried. Really feels like UO2 Awesome Job.
  • More to come :)
    Up until recently we were a 2-man-team, but we brought some promising people on board, so we're able to tackle things in a more effective manner.

    Our current project under "world building" will give the cities themes, like Minoc being the mining/smithing location, Yew for carpentry, and so on.
    Feature-wise, we have some big additions in the pipeline, but it's still too early to talk about it :)
  • Just bought the game and immediately found this server. Cannot wait. My UO itch has not been scratched in sooo long.
  • LoULoU Legends of Ultima
    We are moving the server from 1&1 to - performance is going to go up considerably, since the new machine is faster than what we already had.
    We hope that our old bane, the double-restart, will be solved by this, too, but time will tell.

    Currently setting everything up.
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    We moved and are now at the new location, US Eastcoast. Cluster is still the same, so nothing changes for you - it only just got a lot better :)

    We also changed the zone chat to true Global (among other patches, see patch notes channel in Discord).

    Now back to the scripts - so much to do. :smile:
  • VearyxVearyx United States
    Gizmo from Raistlins World?
  • VearyxVearyx United States
    Also, Need to update the "About Us" page onthe Legends of Ultima website. Some details are outdated <3
  • LoULoU Legends of Ultima
    You're right, we should update the page :)
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