[Solution] Play with MAC OSX

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Play with MAC OSX
Download wineskin:
Download it and upload at last version.
After that follow this tutorial:
In this wiki is show hot to install Notepad but u can use it for every windows app.
Now u have to disable Auto Detect GPU 3d:

Play in fullscreen mode.
Tutorial by ang3lo - Castiel

Atm this is the best way without crash and best performance on mac osx.

See you. ;)


  • this method doesnt seem to work anymore.
    seems to be something to do with client being released as 64bit.
  • For those that don't want to Boot camp, Parallels is an option that works well for me.
  • @BoS_Anksieth_Gallant i tried Parallels (trial version) a couple of days ago but the game was playing very choppy.
    this is on a macbook pro 2014 with very good specs (dedicated nvidia card).
    what hardware are you running it on?
    got any tips for the parallels config that might help?
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