"Instant access"...

DondexDondex morten@broeste.dk
Bought the game, no KEY and no download link in the dashboard. Come on!


  • VanalsVanals London
    Me too! Have your u received anything :)?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Write email to Citadel, it's the fastest way to solve it.
  • DondexDondex morten@broeste.dk
    I wrote an e-mail to them, but no response yet. Giving them until the end of the day, then I will contact Paypal and have then cancel the payment.
  • Same problem here, payment and registration is fine. Account says "Customer" with no key on dashboard... Sent an email but no response yet. It is a bit disappointing since my holidays are passing by and the so called instant access is just not instant. It seems to be a regular problem because it happens quite often, just a pity that citadel is not giving any info to it.
    Still looking forward to play.
  • Same problem here. I bought the 75$ pack and was expecting the instant access.. but guess instant access mean something else where I live.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Be sure you login in the forums AND with shards. You should see both options when trying to login to the forum. Maybe logging out and rebooting browser first could help.
  • Just wanted to say i'm fine by now ^^
    Thanks to the CitadelTeam.
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