Persistance and Databases

drakodrako Canada, Quebec
I have a question about the possibility to connect LoA to MySQL or SQLlite to store persistant informations. Presently what is the database engine model ? How this database can be modified , add table or feild ? How this database connection will work with shard cluster ?

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  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I guess the devs could answer, because we have the NDA agreement.
    Coneccting to an external DB (ie MySQL) is possible, but maybe not needed because of the game persistance with its own DB.
  • When they reboot a shard, do all your characters disappear?
    I don't think they do. It obviously has a db backend already.
    Maybe elaborate on what you meant? Are you trying to build stats? Make new items for yourself?
  • YorlikYorlik
    LoA uses SQLite for Character and world object storage.
    We have successfully connected Arcanima to PostgreSQL in the past by two different means (LuaSQL and LuaSocket).
    BottomLine: You can do all sorts of crazy custom DataStorage if wanted.
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