Events and Functions

We are 2 very old SphereUO scriptwriters and we would like to learn how deep can we go with scripting in this project. Is it possible to create any kind of event or function as you can do with Sphere Emulator. We are keen to invest in this project and build up our heavily modded RP server project by combining our favourite scripts we made for numerous UO shards but would like to learn our limits before investing.
Thank you.


  • cesces Brighton
    Sorry, I found a good answer in your forums now. You can delete this post. Thank you.
  • YorlikYorlik
    edited August 9
    You can totally do custom events, just by utilizing the object:SendMessage(parameters) function which triggers a previously registered message handler function for the event/message on the object which receives the message. The parameters you send are passed to the event handler function.
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