Can't login

When I enter the server information and click connect it just takes me back to the screen before it with the "play, quit" buttons. Any help? Thanks.


  • FrankCostelloFrankCostello Philadelphia
    Nevermind, got it.
  • how'd you resolve this mate? having similar issues.
  • well official servers are off now, right? Played yday on some private but ttthey are off also now;/
  • YorlikYorlik
    There's an issue with the central clusterserver in the moment and that's why all community servers are down. It will be fixed Monday probably.
  • oh... ;/ waited all day to play :D
  • YorlikYorlik
    Its fixed now. Supreem showed up and got us up again.
  • hassenhassen somewhere, TX
    I typed in the code in the upper right hand side of the login screen and got an
    "invalid code" message. Do the code work right away or does it take a day or 2?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I think it should work. Assuming you copy&pasted ok, contact the server's admins or Citadel if the problem persists.
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