July Community Roundtable Rescheduled

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Sorry for the late notice but I'm not going to be able to do the roundtable today due to family obligations. It has been rescheduled to next weekend at the same time (July 8th, 1pm EST)

Event Calendar Link: https://goo.gl/2ooyiD


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    Woundering if a mod would be fun using some kind of battlerite combat. I played a lot of 2 D games. Ultima online ,league of legends, path of excile and battlerite. Especially battlerite brought 2 D fighting to a new level of fun with using W,A,S,D to move and letting the auto atatcks aim. The characters build up meter with auto attacks to enchance the spells and attacks with Alt+ Q,,E,R or F so they get a new property. For excemple normal version silence ,meter version will stun. It have an amazing review because the combat is much fun. Maybe it could inspire a bit. Especially enchancing the spells and aim shots are fun. You need to think abit more and it is skillbased. Maybe a bit too much animations going on but the emchanics are very interesting.
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    Also that you can bait a shield with canceling a sniper shot is a nice mechanic to trick opponents and start a mind game. The devs should play it some rounds. i think it can inspire. I personally miss 1 feature in almost every mmo and this is gambling ! ! Especially in full loot mmos there must be exciting stuff to do in town. Sometimes a city get camped by reds and sometimes you are alone and your friends not online.
  • Ultima had some good mind games with casting feeblemind or clumsiness to change the stats of different characters so your mindblast will do more damage. The damage was depending on your difference between the stats so a 100 100 25 character would get buffed with your spell to 120 str and debuffed to 5 int so your mindblast afterwards will hit hard becuase the difference of the stats are higher.
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    In path of excile i really liked the crafting system with all the dropped orbs as currency. You could have luck and need 2-3 Orbs or sometimes 15 or much more depending on the task of the orb. Too many stats on items would make the game unbalanced but if you find a power weapon it would be nice to upgrade it to a vanq weapon or if you find a extreamly accurate vanq weapon with increaded tactics that it could be changed to a different stat instead of + 15 tactics.
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