Unaffected by the Cloak Spell

HypHyp Grandmaster Rouser
This isn't something I'm requesting a quick resolution to with Alpha ending soon. This is more of a heads up for @Supreem since we discussed it briefly at the last pvp event. I've also submitted a smaller report via the in game bug reporting.

It's been 4 - 5 days at this point, my character "Hyp" is unable to benefit from the spell Cloak. To be clear, this isn't the "I can't move while cloaked, it breaks it!". I actually cannot be cloaked, period. I've tested it by attempting to cloak myself and having multiple others cast cloak on me with no success.

Just a heads up so you can look into that one before wiping to see if there's some variable stuck. I don't recall anything significant happening it just suddenly stopped working and has persisted through death and logouts.


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