I am new to this game, however, played lots of UO back in the day. It appears there are no runebooks or spells to recall, etc.. Is this something planned for the future? It was a pretty great thing to have in UO, would be sad not to see it again..


  • lostpup0311lostpup0311
    there are recall scrolls, I was watching the community round table from the first of this month, ill post the link, supreme talks about that during the video good to watch if your new :)
  • Right now I think you can link your "Bind Portal" spell to specific locations on the map, but I guess there are no runes nor runebooks. It is also not clear whether there will ever be one from what the developers mentioned in past roundtables.

    I do think they should polish the Bind Portal spell, however. Right now when many players simultaneously open portals back to Eldeir Village, their portals superpose making it quite hard for someone to return through their own portal.
  • Not having runebooks similar to ultima online is very very disappointing may be a game breaker for some, myself included.
  • Starfire3DStarfire3D Auckland, New Zealand
    This is not Ultima Online 2.0
  • As far as I remember the developers are planning other means of fast transportation over long distances.
  • Fast travel just ruins the possibility for trade routes and good pvp.
  • This is not Ultima Online 2.0

    It basically is UO2 not sure how you missed that one
  • Bryant said:

    It basically is UO2 not sure how you missed that one

    A more accurate statement is that the official Legends of Aria servers are in practice the unofficial spiritual successors of Ultima Online. And this is indisputable since the "vanilla" version of the game has not only been heavily influenced by UO, but also aims at filling the gap left by UO in the MMO genre/market. That is not to say, however, that the official LoA servers will inherit all the characteristics and systems from Ultima Online - runebooks might be out, for instance.

    Now, it is also true that community servers will look very different from the "factory" or "vanilla" Legends of Aria, and that is also very welcome! In that sense Legends of Aria will likely be a very different game compared to Ultima Online. As a matter of fact, many of the community servers available at the moment have their own systems which differ significantly from the game's "vanilla" version.

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