GPU 100% without VSYNC

I have a fairly streamline ASUS GTX-970 STRIX.
It handles the new DOOM at above average settings without loosing a frame and in general, rarely does it go above +10 room temperature.
Why does it jump to 100% power level and full throttle GPU usage for this game?
The graphics are not even 10% of that of DOOM, and there is no VSYNC option.
I cannot see the framerate because ALT+~ does not work on non-US keyboards!
Move the key to F10 or whatever and add that VSYNC option, it cannot be that hard!

Until then I refuse to play this game because it totally fries my graphics card, I've never seen something like this and have 280+ games on steam. Not one heats up like that! Especially when I reduce the graphics quality (down to the minimum setting) it doesn't change at all. This last thing suggests me that it's a framerate issue. It probably jumps from like 80 FPS to 150 FPS. But I want it to run COOL on 30 FPS if needed...

This is a real gamestopper! Solve this low level stuff before you even think about adding content, or the impression is very very unprofessional!


  • Same problem here. FRAPS shows 100 fps which is what i set in NVIDIA settings, but the card is running as if it was doing 200+ fps. Resolution is 2560x1440. No difference between 'beautiful' or 'fastest' setting as far as GPU workload is concerned. Any ideas?
  • I can understand that Unity3D uses C# which is notoriously cumbersome compared to pure C/C++ code but I don't understand why there's no framerate throttle. More than VSYNC I'd like to see a "maximum framerate" setting. It's not really difficult to implement, there's even boilerplate code on the internet for that.
  • Here. 5 seconds search on Google. If I'd implement a client I'd start with that. It's a one-liner. Just take the value from an external config file that can be edited and everybody is happy.
  • @pid It seems GPU overheating (what is "too hot", by the way?) is very rare issue with LoA - maybe no one bothered to ask for frame rate limiter before... No matter how easy something is, it can be forgotten :)
  • asawnoffshotgunasawnoffshotgun
    same here, cant even play it. my cards fan is screaming.
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    there is many good reasons NOT to use frame rate limiting
    and there are ways to work around ;)
  • asawnoffshotgunasawnoffshotgun
    feel free to continue
  • If you are concerned about overheating, just go google rivatuner, use that program to limit fps to 30 in LoA. This will cut GPU useage in half.
  • Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    We're aware of these issues and will be addressing them in an upcoming client update.
  • Miphon_CS said:

    We're aware of these issues and will be addressing them in an upcoming client update.

    still high gpu usage
  • And still high gpu usage, a month later.
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