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ZephZeph Stranded in Limbo
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LoA-RP is a community for the roleplayers, storytellers, and lore-lovers of Legends of Aria. The site is primarily focused on the official Citadel Studios servers and lore, but community server players and admins are absolutely welcome. I expect things to be quite slow for a while, but I'll be looking for some help as the community grows. If you're interested in moderating or contributing in some other way, please send me a message. If you have some feedback or suggestions for LoA-RP, please post to our Suggestions & Requests forum.

Direct URL: http://www.loa-rp.com

Community Features
- A wiki chronicling the in-game and developer-posted lore.
- Wiki categories for guild and character profiles.
- Forums for discussion, storytelling, and roleplaying.
- A calendar for in-game events. (When the game is live!)
- A weekly article highlighting player fiction, art, and notable events. (When the game is live!)

Why start the community before the game launches?
We want to build a solid foundation for roleplayers in Legends of Aria from the get-go. That means we have to start now!

Why not just use this forum for RP stuff?
Many players likely will, but it's helpful to have a distinct community tailored specifically for those interested in RP and storytelling.

What about the old Shards Online RP forum?
Some will remember that TonyTheHutt previously hosted a Shards Online RP forum. Tony is short on time these days and he's given me his blessing to go ahead with LoA-RP.

Why use Enjin?
Enjin is extremely popular with roleplaying communities in other games. It makes sense to use what's popular rather than force people to create yet another account. It's also very easy to manage and has a ton of prefab modules to pick from.


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Nice job. I will sure check it out
  • ZephZeph Stranded in Limbo
    Thanks, Sacha!
  • YorlikYorlik www.arcanima.org
    Good to see RP people showing up.
    I hope we manage to create some useful DM tools.
  • ZephZeph Stranded in Limbo
    I'm sure you guys will rock the DM tools in due time!
  • AvalonAvalon Canada
    You definitely have my support - birds of a feather and all.
  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    edited April 16
    I'm looking forward to this growing. It feels much like old UO stratics where you can create your own stories and group with others in a roleplaying element, and it is also community driven. It'd be nice if the direction was also focused in this forum with character development and possible in-game events but you have multiple admin servers discussing features they want for their servers and mostly talks about new races to add to the game. Those are nice and all too, but as a place where I can come and read other players lifestyles and the adventures they are on, the enjin rp community is extremely nice. Great work Zeph! I will be there often.
  • ZephZeph Stranded in Limbo
    Thanks for the kind words, Nocturn. I'm very much inspired by Stratics but I'm not sure I could pull off something that big. LoA-RP has the benefit of a narrower scope since we're not setting out to cover every facet of the game.

    Your point about this forum being a little muddled is well-taken. We have a lot of different folks looking for different things on the official forums: players just interested in official LoA, community server players, admins of said community servers. Things can be confusing for newbies trying to discern what's relevant to the official game and what isn't. I really think there ought to be a whole forum category dedicated to community server discussion.
  • ZephZeph Stranded in Limbo
    edited May 10
    The site has been moved to http://www.loa-rp.com/
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