Modding Question in regards to playing other races

So in the latest community roundtable, Supreem mentioned that the new Legends of Aria map was getting a host of new creatures including goblins and orcs. While neither is officially playable would it be theoretically possible via modding at this point to be able to spawn as an orc or a goblin instead of a human? I imagine it would be telling the server to switch one model out for another but was curious nonetheless.


  • LogrusLogrus Citadel Team Administrator
  • YorlikYorlik
    We could even make playertemplates for bugs or horses ...
  • KadeKade Citadel Team Administrator
    Yes, though most other models do not support swappable equipment. The skeleton, for example, is one besides the players.

    As far as other models supporting the display of equippment, that will have to wait till modding is advanced enough to allow it.
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