Trying to Pledge

Hey! I just came across this game a couple of weeks ago. I read an article over on massively and perhaps I've been waiting for over a week to pledge but every time I click on Pledge now the page says its under going maintenance. Has it been under maintenance for over a week or is there something wrong with my browser ?

I would love to throw some money at you guys but your not letting me :P


  • Starfire3DStarfire3D Auckland, New Zealand
    Pledging is down prolly till the devs get back from PAX East
  • KadeKade Citadel Team Administrator
    It's not been a full week but sure feels like it :-)

    We are working to restore it and pledging will be possible again soon.

  • What does it meam "soon" ?
    Jownz waits more than week already, You said soon few days ago, so is it soon days, soon weeks, soon months ?
    Like Jownz i want to give You some money but i cant.
    Dont know as others but i wont wait "forever soon" guys.

    Thanks in advance for honest answer.
  • Starfire3DStarfire3D Auckland, New Zealand
    Yes... :)
  • doomdoom USA & Canada
    Any update on that? I am hoping some cool changes are coming and it's not down just like that :smile:
  • Moep
  • yea i came across this game yesterday and want to pledge aswel, ive literally been reloading the pledge page every few hours, didnt realise it had been down for days ;/
  • lol I thought I was the only one reloading it
  • no word yet as to when it will be back up assuming there is a problem because its been down for a little over a week
  • The problem was with their automated system. Pledges were not receiving the automated email which would have contained the info they needed to log in to the game. They issued refunds to those who did not receive the email and have taken down the page until it can be fixed. Obviously it wasn't just of case of an email not being sent, there is most likely an issue on the back-end where the payment was going through but not registering the pledge in the system.

    I am also hoping it will be back up soon because I have a few people waiting to pledge through my referral link, one of which did pledge and ultimately received a refund because of the issue =/

    Try to be patient - I'm sure they are working diligently to restore the pledge system. They obviously don't want to be losing opportunities to fund their game further!
  • yea, although their source of income being down must be a pretty high priority issue for them which makes me wonder why its been so long, must be having allot of difficulty.
  • Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    We're on top of the issue. We're also working on some changes to the system. It will be returning soon.
  • Starfire3DStarfire3D Auckland, New Zealand
    Theres that "Soon" again (referring to a diff post) :smiley:
  • AvalonAvalon Canada
    All good things are worth waiting for! Patiently waiting too!
  • Like someone said pledge is their main source of income and the problem is for days and i think already for weeks.
    Like we see bigest answer we get from players not from administration... its like they cand write complex sentence.

    So... guys from administration i know You have Your own worlds in Your heads but just find someone comunicative enough to change this angry bob waiting at Your gate into patient future players.

    For me motivation to play this game gets lower and lower every day... and not caus of delay but caus of treating potential donators like garbage.
  • AvalonAvalon Canada
    @OldCock That may be a little harsh, keep in mind you want developers developing a game, their isn't a community manager so to speak at this stage in the development, like you may see on other large MMO forums. And also keep in mind they just spent a week at Pax East, and likely spent several weeks preparing for that, especially considering the big announcement they made, which they are likely going to spend another several weeks working on (MMO servers) before their Steam release, in order to make it a success.

    I'm new to the forums, and maybe it's common that they don't speak up much, but as of right now, they likely have a lot they are working towards, and don't have the resources to debate back and forth all day in the forums, nor should they.
  • SupreemSupreem United States Administrator
    Hey everyone, lead developer here, not to worry pledging will be back up soon. We just want to make sure everything is working with the new domain before we turn it back on.
  • haha see thx supreme don't mind the hostility it just means there are a lot of eager people out there including my self to play your game
  • Supreem said:

    Hey everyone, lead developer here, not to worry pledging will be back up soon. We just want to make sure everything is working with the new domain before we turn it back on.

    again and again buuuuulshit soon :)
  • naturegroupnaturegroup London
    edited March 18
    i know people are giving you allot of grief, but to be fair just being told "soon" repeatedly is pretty annoying, where i come from soon means ill be ready in 10 minutes i'm just taking an especially long shit.
  • Soon(TM)
  • never met a company so unwilling to take my money these guys are saints
  • I, fortunately, pledged right before this issue started. But I did however compile a large bit of info into cliff-notes as sort of an "FAQ" or rundown of the features of the game and similarities to UO. I posted that to a few different places in hopes of bringing on more supporters.

    I've had at least 5 people tell me that after reading my post they really wanted to try the game, but they weren't getting an email with the login info after pledging. They were refunded and told "soon". They've since disappeared and I haven't heard from them since. There have also been a few more who have since directly told me that they tried to pledge after reading my post, but the page was down. They too were told "soon", and they also have disappeared.

    I'm not sure if these people will ever be back. I mean you see something you like, try to throw money at it, and it says "no". Then you ask "when" and they say "soon" and give no information at all. You then ask again a week later and get the same response. Eventually you're going to stop asking and just forget about the damn thing and move on with life.

    I can't imagine how much business they are losing right now, and even though I have my pledge in successfully and I am able to play the game, and it is extremely frustrating to sit here and watch these people come post on the forums eagerly awaiting the day they can GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY, only to get a vague answer like "soon".

    Any frame of reference would help at this point. Within a week? A month? By Wednesday? Give them something to put on there calendars so they can come back and check on that date instead of assuming they are going to check back every day and be satisfied with "soon".

    I for one am VERY annoyed with this and it does not give me a good vibe as far as what to expect from the devs and their communication in the future when we encounter other problems.

    I understand they are a small team and don't have a "community manager". I understand that they are concentrating on creating a game and pushing for steam release. I understand that if this were any other problem related to the game that we should be patient and let them focus their priorities. But what good is all of that if the very people who are funding your game are put in the back burner and turned away because they can't even pledge to support you? Are those not the people you are pushing a steam release for?

    This, in my opinion, should be the #1 priority right now and I can't for the life of me understand how they are so nonchalant and vague when addressing the issue with these could-be-new customers.
  • pewper_skewperpewper_skewper Washington D.C.

    Bro, they prolly pledged like 40 bucks.... relax, the world will continue to spin, and global warming will continue to take effect.
  • AvalonAvalon Canada
    He's right pewper, and while I'm patiently waiting to pledge,I really wouldn't expect that of most people, games are released weekly, sometimes you only have 1 shot at getting someone to try a game, especially if it's a crowdfunded game.

    @Atlas Fox I'd love to read what you wrote about it being like UO Atlas - sink the teeth in on me a little more :smile: I'm not going anywhere, I'll wait to pledge, but I think that'd be extremely interesting feedback.
  • LogainLogain Munich, Bavaria, Germany
    Something like an email notification would be nice (a button on the pledge page that signs you up to receive an email once the system has been reworked).
  • I got in right before the pledge system went down... I'm betting they are planning on the steam release to replace the peldge system.. Still some info would be nice.
  • I am also hanging about waiting for this pledge system to come back online, been checking the page every couple of days or so since it went down - wouldn't mind some kind of clarification on what is meant in terms of "soon".

    I only stumbled across the game recently, but it looks like the kind of thing I have been searching for ever since the roleplay community fizzled out back on UO. Still in contact with a few people from back in the day, will definitely give them a prod and send them this way if I ever get to pledge and try the game for myself.
  • naturegroupnaturegroup London
    edited March 19
    i swear sometimes i read what iv'e just written and realize how much of a cunt i am
  • I just got a Facebook message from one of the devs after I asked them when they were going to bring back up the pledge page.

    We will be making an announcement in the coming days!

    I know it doesn't really help us lol but that can be a good thing. Maybe they have some good news and wanted to wait to add new content to the game before they allow more people to pledge.
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