Alpha Release 1 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes

SupreemSupreem United States Administrator
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- Server performance improvements

- Adjustment to stealth reveal chance and check ranges. (increased front/side reveal chance

- Backstab damage nerf

- Fix butchery so it harvests all resources before stopping

- Fix for foraging

- Pets will no longer get destroyed if the server crashes

- Pets no longer need to be unstabled if they were out when you logged out

- Poison Curing now informs healer

- Field Dressing Cure fix

- Pet AI improvements

- Updated weapon damage for Maul, Longsword, Battleaxe, Scythe, GreatHammer, Shortspear, LongSpeard

- slight increase to absorb factor on armor from .5 to .65, also added soak factor.

- Stuns: Now invoke target short term immunity, and apply diminished duration after.

- Prizm lounge is now open for business again!
- Wrath: Executing a non-red will make you red for life, executing a red will not punish you.


  • BlargBlarg Florida
    Founders scroll teleport still not working for me? :disappointed:
  • PapaWhiskeyPapaWhiskey Austin, TX
    What does absorb factor on armor mean? Is that magic absorption factor (which was 0.5)? If so, it doesn't appear to be changed on armor I just crafted.
  • Is this on live? Is this on test?
  • Lord RoserLord Roser
    edited February 4
    Great stuff, thanks for the update Supreem.

    Can't say I think Backstab needed a damage nerf. Maybe a cap of 220 (was hitting 255 max before update) instead of an outright damage nerf.

    The truth is, people who complained about Backstab doing to much damage have...

    a) never been hit with a mage combo that does more damage
    b) never been hit by Rhesus' 300+ damage warrior combo
    c) have not explored the health potions in the game
    d) forgot about A B and C

    A simple "Health Restoration Potion" goes a long way in countering the effects of a Backstab. It is a combat potion that heals 6 ticks of 20 quite fast and is not interrupted like other potions.

    The real issue with the damage output Rogues have is not actually in the Backstab itself, it is more in the follow up "skill dump" you can preform with a spear after a stab that does about 150 damage. It is also the fact that rogues can very easily preform a coordinated sync Backstab with another rogue, dealing lethal damage to a single target.

    Once Shards Online has developed more "anti stealth" abilities, skills, and meta I do hope to see this Backstab change reversed as it is a change that Rogues are not going to be happy with, and there are a lot of rogues that play this game right now.

    Seems to me the complainers got the best of this one... Complainers tend to make games bad for everyone else, they threaten developers with their emotional outbursts, and they give rise to things like Trammel (clearly I'm not a fan of Trammel lol). So to these people: please try and accept the vision of the developers in the first place and please do look for solutions to your problems before crying wolf to the developers. We are all in this together, please don't diminish my game experience with your inexperience.

    Changes are best made through intelligent conversation in which options are carefully weighed, all possible angles have been thought of, and emotions are checked at the door.

    That all being said, other than the stab nerf this is a really great hotfix, and thank you again to the Dev's for everything that you do.
  • edited February 4
    Truly the issue with double backstab insta death was a problem simply because it isn't counter-able in its current state.

    With a Mage combo, you see them coming and even if you get three rock bombs, if you start running you'll likely outrun a casting mage. If you see Rhesus wind up his shout/leap you know to simply walk away. There just wasn't a counter to stealth and it needed something. Yeah the nerf went to far, but it needed to happen in Aria's current state. It's as bad as para ganks or stun lock builds. People should always have a chance of surviving unless you're really outnumbered or already low on health.

    Once detection comes in I hope they do bring backstabs back up, maybe with some limitation like you can only backstab an "unaware" target and the target becomes aware after the first backstab.

    Beyond backstab I think what we're seeing is the only warrior skill that's worth a damn being nerfed. The root issue is a rogue is simply a light armor warrior... and we all know warriors just plain suck at damage output and fight control. Hopefully once those are addressed it'll feel like rogue is more than a one trick pony.
  • MichelliaMichellia Ottawa, Ontario
    So no font fix yet for 2k-4k monitors
  • LogrusLogrus Citadel Team Administrator

    - slight increase to absorb factor on armor from .5 to .65, also added soak factor
    This refers to magic absorption on armor. Armor effectiveness vs magic has been increased.

    Plate previouy absorbed 14% which is 50% of 28, which is its physical absorb rating.

    This now will increase to 18.2%
    Additionally the magic soak factor/damage resist factor was previously 0, should not be 9.75% of the base absorb rating as a flat subtraction which would be 2.7 damage resisted. For plate.
    10 magic damage vs plate would be reduced to 8 by absorption then by a further 2-3 by resistance. For a total damage of 5-6.

  • LogrusLogrus Citadel Team Administrator
    This applies to all armor, but will of course be most noticeable in the heaviest armor types
  • DiracDirac Arizona
    Thanks folks!

    The more I think about this patch the more I think it is a great step in the right direction. If you look closely and do some testing, you can see a much needed buff for the melee classes as well as a solid buff to armor mitigation against magic damage.
  • PapaWhiskeyPapaWhiskey Austin, TX
    @Logrus thanks for answering my question about the armor absorption. I assumed the factor was the magic absorption, but had no idea about the soak factor.

    When I crafted some scale armor it did not show updated magic absorption on it (i.e. it was still 50% of physical absorption %). Is that just a display issue?
  • LogrusLogrus Citadel Team Administrator
    likely just display. I'll check if the display is hard coded.
  • MichelliaMichellia Ottawa, Ontario
    as of the 9th of february cannot harvest moss with out using the ctrl key.
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