Alpha Weekend NDA Waiver (EXTENDED AGAIN!)

SupreemSupreem United States Administrator
edited January 23 in Straight from the Citadel
Update 1/23: We have decided that we are going to permanently lift the NDA for the current alpha release. Unfortunately, changing the NDA means we need a fancy new legal agreement. Until we say otherwise, the NDA waiver will remain in full effect. We will have an official announcement and news post for you as soon as we get the new agreement.

Update: We are having discussions this week about potential changes to the NDA to allow our core community members to freely stream the game and share videos. In the interim, we have decided to extend the NDA waiver through to the end of this weekend (January 23rd). We will have an update for the permanent change to the NDA by Monday next week.

We are waiving the NDA for the "Alpha Weekend Event" starting Friday, January 13th to 15th. Any information obtained from the weekend can be shared, including screenshots and videos that were recorded during the event.

We welcome you to stream your game during this time. Please email us the time (UTC) in advance to be listed as the "Featured Stream" on the home page.


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