Is max. Playerpopulation limiting Shard reachability?

Ok guys don't get me wrong, I have an eye on Shards Online since the Kickstarter-Campaign and I am really impressed that the look and feel of the Game (Assets, Rules, Skilltree etc.) is really similar to UO. As I played UO a lot in the far past I really would immediately buy something that would bring me the same joy like UO did.

So what I am curious about regarding Shards Online is the following:

If I got it right the Server design is cluster based with different shards (tiny gameworlds) building a large Gameworld (cluster) alltogether. Every Shard has it's own Playerlimit (target: 128 players ?) So if you stitch 2 shards together you got a maxmimum amount of players of 256 per server/cluster. So here i got a few questions:

What happens if you try to login and the shard you logged off is at maximum player-capacity, are you forced to spawn on a different shard or even more annoying aren't you able to login?
What happens if you're playing in a group and want to teleport to another shard alltogether (maybe for accessing a dungeon) and this shard is allready full?
In my example (2x shards = 1 cluster) when you talk about cluster, do you mean 256 player-maximum for the whole cluster and 128 each shard, or is the player-maximum dynamically scaled on each shard and there could be 156 people on one shard and 100 on the other?

I think you should also clarify this on your FAQ, because actually it looks like that there will be a bottleneck on accessing the official Server/Cluster.


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    To quote one of the dev's post from reddit

    "A region is simply an area of the gameworld hosted on a physical server. Almost all MMOs are also made up of connected regions as opposed to one gigantic landmass hosted on a single server.

    Our goal is to reach population levels of an MMO title. To give you a hypothetical, the current map (region) of Celador is being increased to 25 times it's current size. When you factor in the 128 player region limit, that's a potential capacity of 3,200 players across the game world if regions were to remain the same size.

    The current testing environment is a smaller than this and suits the testing we require. Steam launch will be a different story entirely"
  • r0xr0x Germany
    Yep I saw this post, but it's not answering my questions.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Right now it's as you say, r0x. It should not allow more than 128 in a shard at any given time, regardless of other shards in the cluster.
    But this 128 limit is a self imposed one, for playability, not a hardcoded limit of the game itself, so as the game gets debugged and enhanced and hardware gets better (and the shards gets bigger) it could be easily raised.
    Anyway a devs note could help.
  • I cannot remember the roundtable, but in one some months ago Supreem said that shards would open new instances if the map you wanted to travel to was full. The way to travel between different instances would be the old gate.
    Miphon? :P
  • Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    Hi @r0x

    Currently, when server is at max capacity, you will enter the world in Limbo and have the option of which region to join.

    We'll soon be adding a queue system to allow players to queue for specific regions should they be at capacity.
  • If it is my home region where my character was created and my house is placed do I get any kind of priority in the queue system?
  • r0xr0x Germany
    Hey Miphon,
    hey all,

    thx that clarifies it to me.

    You should state that on the FAQ definitely. I am pretty sure there are more people asking this theirselves and they could be upset if they recognize it after they pledged / bought the game.

    Again: Don't get me wrong, I really think Shards Online with all it's current features is a very well done UO-like Game and many people will like it, but for me personally: I would only get it on a scaled Server, because I know that none of my Friends (also UO Fans) will start a Game with me if there will be login-restrictions / bottlenecks.
  • This is the one aspect of Shards Online that worried me a bit from the beginning. I do hope the game optimizations (and maybe future hosting machines, in case hardware the true bottleneck) will allow the developers to lift any player limit in the future, though.

    @Miphon_CS could you clarify whether the limit is imposed to the whole server or to individual regions? I think a limit imposed to the entire server would affect the game flow much less as it would only create a queue for login, but wouldn't prevent players from carrying on with their business across regions when the server is at capacity.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    @Zag, keep in mind that each region of the cluster could be hosted in a different server. That is the great thing of clustering, you could have a world of thousands of regions (i.e. a Star Wars server with thousand of planets), which would not be possible to host in the same machine.
  • Hello @Sacha

    Thank you for the reply, that is a very good point! I guess this makes me a little less worried. :smile:
  • Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
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    @Zag the official Shard(s) for Shards Online are aimed at delivering an MMORPG experience. We're currently limited in capacity during testing, but this will change as we enter Beta.
  • Super! Thank you for the reply, @Miphon_CS !
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