Pointless, interesting skills.

So I recently got into the alpha and I've been chomping at the bit to play for a long long time now, honestly I am blown away by how instantly nostalgic the game is and how well put together it is. Sure I run against invisible walls trying to mine ore on occasion. but altogether it's a fantastic, rich experience. It's still quite early in development so I don't expect this sort of thing to be a priority or anything, but I'd like to say how important "useless" skills that do cool, lore-specific or fantasy-specific things are to me. One pothole I feel like a lot of games fall into is streamlining things TOO efficiently to the point that every single skill or ability or action boils down to the same end goal and just feels very samey and boring, on the flip side one of the things I always adore in games are skills that really aren't necessarily useful, or combat useful at the very least. Things like polymorph turning you into a randomly generated player or ninjas being able to shapeshift into animals like cats to sneak around. Necromancers chilling with ghosts and bards obnoxiously playing music at everybody around, it's all the little things that flesh out each class or skill's roleplayability and fantasy fulfillment, so I just wanted to give a shout out to the little skills, the weird skills, and all the interesting little things like weapon lore and scribing that made a really interesting world and sandbox to play in, and can't wait to see things like it in Shards!


  • YorlikYorlik www.arcanima.org
    We created Archeology, Metallurgy, Stonemasonry and a Werewolf Skill for cursed ones on our custom project "Arcanima".
    I also was thinking about Skills like "Luck", "Diplomacy", "Seduction", "Bullshitting" - I think the sky is the liomit and we should really allow ourselves to think crazy or ridiculous stuff.
  • CaloharCalohar Florida
    Agree. Those are the things that make a world flesh out. Gives great lore and feel to every day questing bars full or Non player caraters some with lore and legends point storys of great wealth or weapons armor of even ghost that hunt and are on ruin castle r in under ground dungends. Old forgoten pyramids and what not. rings and power items that give the power and cuse to be change to a leech or a Demond. But as very well saints and good paladins that evil carater will want to hunt. i enjoy playing the bad guy and every game forgets about the bad guy. place evil but good things to for evil caraters to hunt. make a 7 hevens planes or and the 9 levels of hell. and what not!
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Keep in mind that in this testing phase we are trying combat only.
    That aside' I much agree. Most of the skills I plan on adding are not combat-related.
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