The Bring a Friend week ends tonight. I will hand out codes to everyone who emails me before 6 PM EDT tonight, though. Hang in there, I’m getting through all the requests as fast as I can!


Do you already have a key? Are you planning to test this weekend? We’ve got a contest for you!


For every hour you are playing the game this weekend, either on the official server or the test server, you will have one “entry” into the contest. Play one hour? One contest entry. Play for 20 hours? Twenty entries. On Monday morning, we’ll put all the entries into the metaphorical hat and pick one at random to win a free account upgrade to a Lord pack (an $89 value).


That patch we put on the test server yesterday needs more time on the test server before we put it live. (Please do check out the patch notes, and if you’re so inclined, choose the test server from the dropdown menu and give us a hand with it. There’s a purple button near your minimap on the test server that lets you skip leveling up skills so you can test individual builds. We do expect at least one bug report or feedback report for every test server login, though.)


See you around Celador this weekend 🙂