Founder’s Pack FAQs

Founder items are blessed and will not be dropped on death. They are however physical items in-game and can be lost if misplaced.
Founder items offer no tangible benefit and are cosmetic items.
Yes, all items are tradeable.
All items are exclusive to this promotion.
All previous pledges have been granted the Noble pack. This grants previous pledges additional rewards, loyalty and a discount on other packs should they wish to upgrade those rewards.
Yes. Founder packs do not replace our previous pledge rewards but are in addition to them. Previous pledges will receive all titles, physical & digital rewards for their pledge, accrued loyalty to date and an additional thank you item pack once we reach Steam.
Loyalty Points are the currency of our Loyalty Program and are accrued monthly and via referrals. Loyalty Points can be spent on our Loyalty Store to receive cosmetic items in recognition of your support for Legends of Aria.
Yes. Player accounts will be granted 30 loyalty per month of account age and 100 loyalty per active month of participation since the launch of Alpha. This is in addition to loyalty granted for referrals and submissions of exploits. For example, a player who pledged 24 months ago and has been active in testing can expect to have approximately 1500-2500 loyalty points.
Rewards will be issued to your first created character during during Steam/Open Beta launch.
Once Legends of Aria launches on the Steam platform, all previous pledges and Founder’s Pack owners will be given a Steam key to play Legends of Aria via the Steam platform.
No. Early Admin Access was only made available via our closed Crowdfunding campaign and will become available to players once we arrive on Steam.
Founder Pack items are exclusive items and can only be claimed on official Legends of Aria servers.